Ƶ students on campus

SU's Mission and Values

Ƶ's current Mission statement was adopted in 2014 and revised in 2019 to reflect our change in campus structure. Our Values and the SU Promise also are important to the campus community.


Ƶ is a premier comprehensive Maryland public university offering excellent, affordable education in undergraduate liberal arts, sciences, business, nursing, health sciences, social work, and education and applied master’s and doctoral programs. Our highest purpose is to empower our students with the knowledge, skills, and core values that contribute to active citizenship, gainful employment, and life-long learning in a democratic society and interdependent world.

Ƶ cultivates and sustains a superior learning community where students, faculty, and staff are viewed as learners, teachers/scholars, and facilitators, and where a commitment to excellence and openness to a broad array of ideas and perspectives are central to all aspects of University life. Our learning community is student-centered. Students learn from professional educators in small classroom settings, faculty and professional staff serve as academic advisors, and virtually every student has an opportunity to undertake research or experiential learning with a faculty mentor. Through our privately endowed Schools and Honors College, and the College of Health and Human Services, we foster an environment where individuals prepare for career and life, including their social, physical, occupational, emotional, and intellectual well-being.

The University recruits exceptional and diverse faculty, staff, and undergraduate and graduate students from across Maryland and the United States and from around the world, supporting all members of the University community as they work together to achieve institutional goals and vision. Believing that learning and service are vital components of civic life, Ƶ actively contributes to the local Eastern Shore community and the educational, economic, cultural, and social needs of our State and nation.


The core values of Ƶ are excellence, student centeredness, learning, community, civic engagement, and diversity and inclusion. We believe these values must be lived and experienced as integral to everyday campus life so that students make the connection between what they learn and how they live. The goals and objectives of our strategic, academic, facilities, and enrollment plans, as well as our fiscal commitments, reflect our fundamental values. In addition to these principal values, the University embraces, through its shared governance bodies, the long-honored tradition of honesty and mutual regard that is and should be a defining characteristic of higher education.

The Ƶ Promise

This is a statement of integrity and respect for others to which we ask all new students to commit as a way of highlighting the University’s values and expectations.

As a Ƶ student:
    I will connect what I learn to how I live.
    I will demonstrate personal and academic integrity.
I will respect diverse groups and individuals.
I will strive to bring honor to myself and the University.