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Ƶ is home to inspired students and educators. Setting success in motion is what we do. We are the place where "tomorrow" begins.

Salisbury propels students forward toward a better tomorrow in their lives and careers. In our warm and welcoming environment, professors mentor students in a way that sparks change by connecting ideas to real-world experiences. Study where your opportunities are endless, your cost is affordable and your return on investment will pay back a lifetime of possibilities.

Why SU?

We’re your launchpad for tomorrow – and we’re ready for you. This is where your talents are seen, your voice is heard – and you and your peers will move society forward.

SU is a refreshingly warm and friendly environment, where students of every background are included and supported.

There’s a powerful sense of community at SU that can only happen at a right-size school with a powerful sense of togetherness. Here, people remember your name and invest in the future you want to create. We believe this connectedness is what lays the foundation for our students’ success.

SU has incredibly dedicated faculty and staff who change the trajectory of students’ lives.

At SU, you’ll find world-class professors and mentors who are deeply invested in students’ futures. Long-lasting relationships are formed with faculty who nurture, encourage and inspire students to achieve academic excellence, research opportunities and career possibilities the might not have considered.

SU offers rich and plentiful opportunities for students to develop agency and excel.

At SU, so many doors are flung wide open to research, travel abroad, internships and hands-on, experiential learning. SU undergraduates author papers, work in the community, conduct research and more – distinguishing them from their peers and better equipping them for the future.

SU provides students a personal return on investment that pays off beyond financial.

SU is among the most affordable options for students from Maryland and beyond. But the true value of SU is the personalized, unique experience provided at that price. Because SU students have so many valuable opportunities available to them, unexpected careers and futures are realized.

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We Are Tomorrow Makers

SU is home to inspired students and educators. We provide rich and plentiful opportunities that propel you forward and broaden your world view. We challenge ourselves to shape the future. Are you ready for tomorrow?

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